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Frank and Cary
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Our Art account (manips and photography) :iconcaryandfrankarts:
safe the animals by gestandene  Fragile2 by Alveregn  The Prophet - dheean by dheean  Blameless by melyssarice
 falling pencils by BestBower     Manipura: Zavershenie \ Ending by Lyssiana     Princess of desolation ~ by El-Dello  Ariel Noah (Grows Brave) by daniyalisatya  Where is your faith? by CharllieeArts

  by aaen90    The lake-A to by ladyjudina    Der fliegende Lotus by melonenmann    Breathe by Ecrit-Studios

Melody Maker by Ecrit-Studios     Crown by daniyalisatya    the collectors room by magicsart     Hollow Eyes by daniyalisatya    Bloody Night by daniyalisatya

Storm Dancing by marymo1975    Great Gazebo - dheean by dheean    Far Away ... by Kermena-Designs    Black Rose by melyssarice

Zitox by Bela-designs  New dimension by AleksandarN  The Soul by Rexionete  The Wait by KiyaSama  Burtonesque by amethystmoonsong

Landing on a Rainbow by Elsapret  Pain by duzetdaram  Never Dead by daniyalisatya  Love Forever by marcosnogueiracb  Silence by daniyalisatya

Guardian of souls by Fae-Melie-Melusine  So schmeckt der Sommer by lenyca  The red queen by feathersnchains  One that invoke birds by elinatomina 

the dark secret by magicsart  I Could Stand Alone Here by MoodyBlue  Follow Me by daniyalisatya  a couple of Draculla - dheean by dheean

My Lady 2 by ladyjudina  Requiescence by melyssarice  Summer's Kiss by lostfootsteps-art  DeviantID (13) by daniyalisatya  Great Waterfall - dheean by dheean

A Midsummer Night's Dream by Robo-Comicstar  Greatest Loss by daniyalisatya  Bernhard und Bianca by AndraKa  Crow of blades by darkshellie23

A last drink before going... by La--Boheme  Queen Of The Birds by BlancaAmane  Pale Moonlight by S4L3H  Fairy Tales_Giant Snake - dheean by dheean  Mistress of  Death by melyssarice

Looking into the future by SaFram  Angel by FreezyDavySmokey  Winter Storm Manip by XtremeMystery  The crow.... by pvleminx  Waiting by einstein64k

fly by Talirion  Catacombs Chapter by Vee-Deviant  Gatekeeper by Covers4Writers  Fishing With Monster by Mr-Ripley    by aaen90

The heart of flower-A sziv viraga 4 by ladyjudina  Live and Die by daniyalisatya  Sunset by foxyfirewings  En tierra de dragones by CrisestepArt  Tormented. by Marazul45  Water Fairy -Vizitunder 2 by ladyjudina

Doomsday Premade by Covers4Writers    viaje by eross-666     the Dark Fairy Queen by Super-Fan-Wallpapers      Movement by GrandGuignolBudapest  Sundown, Sunrise by Andaelentari

Dragonland by Gwendolyn1  No Better Time Than Now by apexdigitalconquests  Highlander - The Immortal by Splat-Shot  Piff and Fairy 2-Piff es a Tunder 2 by ladyjudina  The Time Keepers by pvleminx

Fading Away by LittleOph  LADY ON THE LEDGE by KerensaW  El Salto by Puertuki  Free Fallin' by Fractured-Pegasus  BullsEye by dedicahmad

FANTASTIC FOREST by Noxart-graphics  Tree House by Lolpopbob  BRIDGE OF DREAMS by KerensaW  Toxic Wednesday by noro8  Untitled by Laxmi-Arts

Last View (Color Version) by artofphotograhy   Immersed in Darkness by melyssarice   Lindsey Stirling - Fantasy Violinist  HQ 1920x1080 by FABRYKING61   Once upon a time by TrapperLD   Mini Ocean by FreezingFlame98

Live your Dreams by Kurtzan  Despair by Claudine2011  The stranger Angel 1 by annemaria48  The Raven Dancer by A-Wakefield  Forest Fun by debzdezigns-lamb68

Draw Req 8 - TheDoctor2000 by redbeatsmermaid  Steampunk Woman by annemaria48  Wild by KhaosTheory455  Project Resurrection by AbnormalityCH  Another Dream_02 by caddman  bridge by Silvia15
blithe by confuzzledMia  Femme-lac by Mahhona  The Siren by katmary  The Old Man and the Sea 1 by yjoda  A night at the cemetery. by edmomsen  The Getaway by A-Wakefield

Flora and Garden 3Flora, es a kert 3 by ladyjudina  Mermaid and the Rainbow animation by ladyjudina  To be alone together by Claudine2011  The Conjurer... by Steel-Reflections  Birds by axymaid 

A lovely dream by tryskell  The Hot Babe by feathersnchains  Silhouette (After Dawn) by daniyalisatya  Water Island by aga91  Physical Pain by kiwi8686

Collage 09 by AriennedeBoer  IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT........ by KerensaW  Broken Vows by 7Daffodils  Bears Meeting -Medvek talalkozoja 2 by ladyjudina  Fairway 5-Hajout 5 by ladyjudina

Bears Meeting animation-Medvek talalkozoja by ladyjudina  Darkness by OrlandoBrooks  House Tomato by marcosnogueiracb  The Night Song by Elestrenn  Fear by aga91

Nightmare by ricochet56  Faerie Queen by VeilaKs  who is lurking behind by Alveregn  Texture5 by Alveregn  Autumn in forest by Alveregn

Lion coast by Cleo-Bizarre  Meeting at midnight by black-cat16  They are coming by katmary  Deadly kiss by tryskell  Front-Side Baked, Turn Over by jojo22

These Wonderful Artworks are made from May 15th till now, thank you so much for using our Stock, we're always glad it was usefull! :hug:'s

Recent photography and works on our Art account :iconcaryandfrankarts:

Home Delivery by CaryAndFrankArts  Love Shines A Light by CaryAndFrankArts  Ladybug by CaryAndFrankArts  Swan Lake by CaryAndFrankArts  Catch of the Day by CaryAndFrankArts

Thank you all for your continious support!
Frank & Cary :hug:'s


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IIMadhoshiII Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Used your wonderful stock here thank you kindly
Dragon-of-Twilight Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You guys have some seriously wonderful photos! Love your Jackdaws and crows, there are some great wing references in there! :clap:
nova63 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014   Digital Artist
Thank you for your wonderful stock, used here: 5 dark Souls by nova63
CrisestepArt Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014   Digital Artist
I use here The Lady and the Wolf by CrisestepArt Thank you Heart !!!!!!
FrankAndCarySTOCK Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Wonderful work! Thanks so much for using our stock! :hug:
CherokeeWarrior1964 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Professional Photographer
great id pic
QiLathea Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used your beautiful stock here:… Thank you :heart:
FrankAndCarySTOCK Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Wonderful work! Thanks so much for using our stock! :hug:
QiLathea Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :heart:
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